“What do experts know?” The fossil fuel argument that could kill us all. @fullychargedshw

Embed from Getty Images How has society reached a point where we trust people with clear self interest over independent experts who have dedicated their life to knowledge and truth?  Surely there can be no more obvious example of peddling lies for the purposes of profit than the fossil fuel industry.

Yet when politicians who clearly have a financial interest in sponsoring the promotion of the fossil fuels industry decry the evidence presented by the scientific community about man made climate change and the need to act, the masses seem to cheer.  To support this misinformation and to continue burning these fuels is surely proof that Turkeys do in fact vote for Christmas, they are celebrating the political permission to continue with a wasteful lifestyle that will certainly bring about its own destruction.

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What is also astounding to me is the hostility that is directed at anyone trying to make a change.  I am a patreon supporter of the youtube channel Fully Charged Show which was created by TV actor Robert Llewellyn, and which offers independent views and information on green energy and transportation.  Some of the comments that are made on the channels youtube page are incredibly hostile, and this is true of other sites covering similar topics.

I recently read an article about some UK city councils looking at introducing bans on diesel fuel vans and other trade vehicles that make what is called ‘the last mile’ delivery e.g. trucks would bring goods to depots outside of cities and E.V vans and other vehicles would make the delivery run into the city, reducing, in fact eliminating emissions caused by goods delivery.  One of the comments to this article actually started with the words “F*** Off,” and went on to explain how this was never going to happen and how the wonderful diesel powered chuggers would be around for years and years.

Firstly, why does he care what powers his van,  no one will expect him to change until the alternative is affordable and usable (it terms of practical range) and if we don’t start making these changes he will have no trade to conduct in his wonderful ‘chugger’.

The ignorance of individuals like him can be excused to a certain extent but the misinformation and farcical claims recently made by a US Government department destroy what little credibility the Trump Administration has. The EPA is trying to roll back fuel standards required of internal combustion engine cars, and has (with a straight face) claimed that E.V’s are dangerous because they are too light, and that because they are so efficient people will drive further.  If you already thought that the Trump administrations and its supporters were on another planet, here is your evidence!

Fortunately, many states are rejecting this nonsense and will fight through the court system to reject it, and the American car industry can also see that if they do not produce E.V’s and try to become the market leaders and innovators (a lead which Tesla has given them) they will see a repeat of the past.

G.M famously announced that Toyota would “loose their shirt” because of the Prius only to find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy with fields full of unwanted gas guzzling SUV’s, whilst Toyota could not manufacture the Prius fast enough to meet demand.  GM are also famous for throwing away their lead on the world, after scrapping the EV1 electric car, a car with usable range, fast acceleration and growing popularity amongst the Hollywood elite and which could have put GM at the top of the tree, instead of handing this lead to the Japanese, which is of course what they did, with the Prius becoming the new darling of Hollywood.

So here we are, with large parts of the worlds population deciding to put their trust in the hands of the very people who stand to gain in terms of wealth and power by prolonging the use of fossil fuels and rejecting the advice and information of the experts, scientists who have nothing to gain financially or in terms of political power and just want the truth to be heard.

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