Is Theresa May secretly planning a second vote?

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As we charge towards a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, I have found myself, again and again, wondering why the Prime Minister is so resistant to a second vote on Article 50, despite ever growing numbers of people changing their stance and supporting it.

As I sat pondering this it occurred to me that maybe she is being much more shrewd than she is being given credit for. When you think about it, why would she give her open support to the second vote as this would without doubt undermine her negotiating position over a deal with the EU? We know she is a remainer but we also know that she is at the mercy of the Brexiteers and must do what she can to get a deal and get the UK out of the EU.

If the EU negotiators felt that there was a real possibility of article 50 being reversed following any second vote, why would they do anything to make Brexit at all palatable to the same people who may (in the event of a disastrous ‘No Deal’ Brexit) vote to remain?

So here I am, possibly deluding myself in the desperate hope that the PM has something up her sleeve, but finding that if I put myself in her position, I would also feel that I had to appear to be resisting a second vote.

Lets hope I’m right.

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