I’ve joined the E.V revolution (kind of).

A few weeks ago I was rattling along in my diesel Mitsubishi ASX when I heard yet another radio news story about the negative impact that our fossil powered vehicles have on our climate.

I decided that it was time for me to do my bit, regardless of how small and I headed off in search of a replacement for the ASX. First stop was our local Hyundai dealer in search of the battery electric Kona. “I would like to see the Kona electric please” I cheerfully said to the car sales person, “so would I!” He replied. It turns out that the Kona is only available on-line, Tesla style and demand is high.

Kia was next but their all electric Nero is not yet available so no joy there. I had heard good things about the Kia Optima PHEV Sportswagon but our local dealer had neither the Saloon or Sportswagon PHEV Optima and only one Optima of any kind! I finally found the exact car that I wanted at an independent dealer and snapped it up.

Step two was to get a home charge point and I plumped for Pod-Point. This was a pleasantly easy process from first ordering on the Pod-Point website through to installation.

I received help with getting the government grant, the installation date was well managed, the engineer sent me a text advising me off his arrival time and he arrived bang on time, and after about an hour and a couple of coffees we now have a smart Pod-Point charger on the wall and my car has a full battery.

Tomorrow I should be able to cruise silently to work, which is just within my new cars’ 33 mile EV range.

I would have loved an EV but Tesla prices are too steep for my budget, at least to get one new enough to fit in my company rules, and the alternatives are just too hard to get hold of but my PHEV seems a good step forward.

Oh well, definitely a fully electric next time!