Hmmm StuThe Conservative party is running Google Adverts saying ‘ Vote Liberal Democrat, get Jeremy Corbyn’. It is very important that people understand the unintended implications of this.

What they are saying is that under our voting system, if you vote for the party you want and that party is not either Labour or Conservative, then you will get a party that you don’t want.

Think about that for a moment, they are saying that the electoral system does not represent your democratic right to vote for the representatives that you believe in.

Think about that for a moment longer. What the Conservatives are saying is that unless you are a Conservative voter or Labour voter, Under our system, your vote and therefore your opinion DOES NOT COUNT!

The Conservatives have consistently fought against reforming our ‘First Past The Post’ electoral system, a system specifically designed to keep power in the hands of the wealthy and well connected.

When the Labour party was formed, the overwhelming surge of support from the working woman and man for a party that suddenly seemed to represent them (and for a long time of course they had no vote at all) confused the system, and Labour won power, and since then it has settled into a two party system.

The Conservatives are to an extent correct in that if you just vote with your heart, you could get Boris or Corbyn, whilst not wanting either but there is a weapon that can defeat this biased system. This is tactical voting.

If you want your voice heard, then search out and get advice on how you can make your vote count.

Finally, if you like The Conservatives under Boris or Labour under Jeremy, then you SHOULD vote for them of course BUT do us all a favour, and look at their manifesto promises, go back and see how many of their previous promises they kept, really try to understand the Boris Brexit deal and its effects, don’t just decide based on his happy talk, look at the facts. If you still agree then vote for him, and the same applies to Jeremy, but vote based on facts not fiction.

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