Shock sweeps the UK as France passes a law without EU permission.

Hmmm StuBritish citizens have been left reeling in confusion after the news that France is potentially to be targeted with sanctions by the USA after it passed a law that will ensure the American Tech Giants like Google, Amazon et al, pay their fair share of corporate taxes.

Why are Brits so shocked?  Simple, it’s because for the last three years they have been told by the Brexit Party and the Conservative Party that EU members could not make their own laws and were legal slaves of the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels.  Of course, remainers have been saying all along that this was a total lie and so it is!

Take Back Controlshout the Brexiteers, Boris repeated this mantra on Andrew MarrsBBC show only last Sunday.  The trouble is, it’s nonsense.  This law and the law passed by France banning the wearing of the Burqa in public is proof, and yet still this lie is pushed at the British public and still they seem to believe it despite the evidence. Wake up Britain, you are being played for fools!

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