‘Where’s Wally’ – The search for Rees-Mogg, Davis and Grayling

big-ben-structure-near-white-concrete-structure-89432Has anyone else noticed the distinct absence of previously vocal characters in the run up to the election.  Victorian throwback, Jacob Reece-Mogg, a constant fixture of the Brexit Broadcasting Corporations news output is nowhere to be seen.  Chris Grayling, that expert in organising piss ups in breweries, gone.  David Davis, negotiator of many and exciting deals, ready for Brexit day, vanished.  Has there been some kind of mass abduction?

Its seems far more likely that the truth is that Prime Minister Cummings has decreed that these people, famed for alienating normal human beings, should neither be seen nor heard in order to prevent them messing things up for the Conservative and Union Party at the last minute with some rediculous statement or promise, or risking them undermining puppet PM, Boris Johnson with some uncomfortable reminder of the many contradictions and misinformation used both in the Brexit campaign and now the election.

One can only hope that by reminding as many people as possible exactly how incompetent these people are, and how much power these people will wield should the Conservatives win, traditional Tory voters might realise that this is not the party of Margaret Thatcher nor even John Major.

Hmmm Stu

Cummings et al. have managed to remove the decent and moderate members of the party, that I have supported in the past, and are attempting to replace them withZlist yes men (for they are mainly men) to make a post Brexit Britain an ultra right wing Tory hell-hole which takes us back to the old traditions of the wealthy and powerful in control and the ordinary man and woman knowing their place and not trying to exert any control over their lives.




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