I just joined a political party…..that I can’t vote for!


So, for the first time in my adult life I have joined a political party.  In this case the Liberal Democrats, however because of our archaic electoral system, I will be unable to give the local candidate my vote, at least, not if I want to avoid 5 more years of the Conservative Party and the chaos and destruction that will come with it.  I suspect that I was like most people when I first got the vote, and followed my parents lead.  This meant that for the first few elections of my life I voted Tory.

In reality I don’t want any party, I want all of them. It’s true that I would rather not have the current Tory front bench as it is pretty poor quality but in principle the Conservatives have a place in my ideal.

I want the Tory party for its financial instincts, the Labour party for it’s for inbuilt desire for social justice. I want the Liberal Democrats who believe in true fairness in society (I’ve yet to fully forgive them for the betrayals committed during the coalition) and the green party for thier passion for the environment.

Our ‘first past the post’ system cannot deliver what I want, and yet this would give us the government that we need, one of balance and common sense. I support any party that believes in electoral reform and I think the younger generation of voters are moving in that direction and away from the devisive left or right politics that we have had my whole life.

I actually do not believe in party based politics at all and if it was my choice, all politicians would be independent and the house, once elected, would then elect a prime minister from amongst their ranks. The house of commons would be kept for ceremony and tradition only.  The actual chamber would be replaced with a modern style chamber like the Scottish parliament.

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