Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to vote we go!

person dropping paper on box
Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

So, its election eve and no doubt many people are trying to figure out which of the current crop of self interested buffoons they are going to give their vote to.

It’s a tricky decision without doubt, and the decision is yours and yours alone and you should vote with your consience and not the way your parents tell you or the way your family has always voted, or your community etc.  After watching various interviews with people in the street on TV last night, I do want to point out a few facts that seem to be either deliberately ignored or people just don’t want to accept the truth.

  1. Boris Johnsons clever new ‘oven ready’  Brexit deal’ is the same as one of Teresa May’s proposed deals, a deal that was soundly rejected by the Conservatives and Boris is on record (video and in print) as saying “this is a deal that no Conservative Prime Minister could support”.
  2. Boris has not cleverly solved the Irish border issue, he has put the border down the Irish sea (as in the previously rejected deal) and he is being deliberately misleading when he says there will be no customs checks between the mainland and Northern Ireland.  Think about it, N.I is now on the E.U side of a trade border.The E.U have stated that they will not allow goods to travel unchecked between a none E.U UK and the E.U so the only place these checks can happen is between England and Northern Ireland.  Even his Brexit minister says that this is the case yet Boris perisists with misleading everyone.
  3. Brexit will NOT be done by January, we will simply enter the ‘transition phase’ described in his deal.  Let me say that again, ‘transition phase’.  We will as of January have ‘NO TRADE DEALS’ with any nation in the world….none! Please remember that Tory and former Brexit minister, David Davies PROMISED you that we would have many exciting trade deals in place when we left.  The Canada deal with the E.U took 7 years as an example of how long Brexit will continue to be part of our lives.No country currently trades on WTO rules because they were designed as an emergency fall back, not a first choice.  Of course the USA stands ready to do a deal and you can (and Trump has stated this is an aim of his) look forward to the removal of price controls for medicines.  Think that £8 is a lot to pay for a subscription?  Without price controls we will be like the average American who does not have private health insurance, going into debt to pay for treatments, now charged at ‘market’ value.
  4. Boris is saying that they will put 20,000 more police on the streets, wonderful, this is still 2,000 less than we had before Teresa May as Home Secretary who with Johnsons support slashed police numbers.  How generous of you Boris.
  5. Boris says that he will give us 50,000 extra nurses but has now been forced to admit that this number includes 18,500 nurses already in the NHS.  He justifies this propaganda by saying that they are included because he will ‘retain’ them and we would otherwise have lost them.  How stupid do you have to be to believe this nonesense?

All of the above is blatent cheating of the figures, bending the facts and in some cases just lies, and as you go to put your tick in the box remember this is not Boris Johnson’s first attempt to mislead the people of the UK.

Don’t forget the Brexit campaign when he talked about E.U rules that varifiably never existed such as straight bananas, remember that he had to admit that there would not be £350m per week for the NHS.  Remember that he was forced to admit that we are Nett beneficiaries of the E.U, meaning that we get more back than we put in, and finally remember that the E.U has never set rules about none E.U migration, the Tory’s failed to bring this down all by themselves .

As you bounce over the pot holes in your streets, as you stand on a train, crammed in like a refugee train in the third world and as you watch yet another stabbing reported on our ‘police free’ streets, just remember that the Torys have already been in power for just under 9 years.  All of our current woes are their fault and no one elses.

Now do you still trust Boris?

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