Britains ‘Trump’ moment

aerial photography of elizabeth tower london
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As much as it is a story of victory for falsehood, yesterdays election is a story of how good old fashioned partisan thinking and arrogance snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Many of us are in shock that a man like Boris Johnson could win a landslide victory in this election. Boris is a man who was too cowardly to face Andrew Neil, too scared to allow the MI6 report on Russian support of the Conservative party be published. A man so shameless that even in his victory speech, he repeated the nonesense about 50,000 extra nurses and 40 new Hospitals.

But what is important to remember is that this was an election that we didn’t need to have. Under the fixed term parliament act, Boris could not call the election without the support of Labour and the Liberal Democrats. Those parties could have won a vote of no confidence again and if they had united under Corbyn, asked the queen to allow them to form a unity government. We could then have dealt with the issue of getting a second referendum so that young voters could finally have their say and not conflated the issue of Brexit with the issue of not having a government with a majority as we saw yesterday.

Instead in their arrogance, Jo Swinson and Jeremy Corbyn, pulled the trigger on an election that would be fought over Brexit and that cost them, and potentially the country, dearly. Even having called the election they could have united to get around our biased electoral system and rid the country, maybe not of the Tory party totally, but certainly some of its more unpleasant MPs such as Ian Duncan Smith.

But no, off they went, with Jo making daft statements about become Prime Minister, which even I as a Lib Dem member knew was impossible under first past the post. Meanwhile the awful Brexit party realised that what they needed to do was exactly what Labour and the Lib Dems refused to do and avoid splitting the vote by withdrawing candidates. I watched in horror as a clearly relieved IDS realised that the Liberal and Labour candidates had inevitably split the vote and handed the Tory party another seat and I saw this again and again throughout the night.

So thanks largely to Jo Swinson, soon to be ex leader of the Lib Dems, the possibility of a second referendum is dead.

Is there anything that can be seen as an upside to our inevitable journey to becoming ‘Little Britain’? Well, now he has a majority there is no hiding place for BoJo, he either delivers or is seen as a charleton. He is also no longer beholden to the extremes of the ERG Brexstreemists such as Jacob Reece Mogg, and when you remember that he wrote a pro remain and pro leave speech before the referendum, its possible that he is not inclined towards a hard Brexit.

In any case, large parts of the country, abandoned by successive Tory Prime Ministers and who are already seeing job losses because of Brexit decided that these same Torys where the only ones they could trust to deliver the Brexit that will finally crush any hope for the future of their young people.  Based on a dream of empire lost and the lies about E.U rules and immigration, I genuinely worry for them for, with the massive majority BoJo now commands, the storm is coming.

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