Brexit – The Story So Far!

Thoughtful StuSo, Boris is back at work and has had a few days to get his thoughts together, lets take a look at how it’s going.  Boris is to set in law, legislation that will prevent him asking for an extension to the Brexit negotiations. This means that there are three possible reasons for Boris to do this;

  1. Boris has such an overinflated opinion of himself (he is a politician after all) and despite everyone in the E.U saying that there will not be enough time to complete a deal, believes that he can “Get Brexit Done”. 
  2. Boris has been playing a long game and now he has a massive majority, he is going to throw the ERG and other extreme Brexiteers under the bus (as he did to the DUP) and actually go for Brexit light, meaning that he could negotiate a few sweeteners for Remainers (freedom to work and travel in Europe) whilst still being able to claim that he “Got Brexit Done”. 
  3. He’s f***ing nuts and plans on a ‘No Deal’ Brexit which of course we spent £bns preparing for, and then scrapped the preparations for, so that we are not at all prepared for ‘No Deal’.  The last time parliament discussed this, Chris Grayling, Minister for being a useless Pratt, announced that there would not be checks on trucks coming in from Europe in order to avoid queues.  If you think illegal immigration has been bad so far, how bad will it be when the migrants near Calais discover that the trucks will go unchecked!

If it has to happen (and it does) option 2 please Bozza.

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