Taking Back Control….The journey to dictatorship begins.

big ben london
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

It surely cannot have escaped the notice of even the most ardent Brexit fan, that in the short time since Boris Johnsons election, major changes have started both within government, and the civil service.  Under the guidance of Dominic Cummings, Boris is all set to make changes that most definitely take back control, not for you and me, but for the Tory ‘elite’ which he claimed not to belong to.

The first sign of this was the fulfilment on one of Dominic’s long-term ambitions, the ability to fill government posts with un-elected people (is the irony starting to hit you yet?) simply by exploiting a little know rule (little known outside of Westminster) that allows life piers to hold ministerial posts.  Take for example Zac Goldsmith.  Defeated in the election and therefore rejected by the electorate, after a quick appointment of a life peerage, hey presto, he is now a minister.

Big Dom and BoJo now plan to do this as an on-going policy and have stated that they will ‘fill’ government with this kind of person. Unelected and unaccountable to you and me for whatever they inflict on us…..are you feeling in control yet?

The big new plan doesn’t stop at Downing Street, the same is about to happen to the Civil Service.  Now to be fair, the civil service is already an unelected organisation but one that has operated independently from any single political party, carrying out the wishes of whichever party is the government of the day, and yet Cummings now wants his choice of people running Whitehall, people more inclined to support the Tory governments policies.  This plan will remove any checks and balances that we have had to date, and removes the inherent protection for the less fortunate within society, who it has traditionally tried to protect, from government short termism.

I keep getting told to let it go, Brexit is done.  Well, as people like me keep saying and despite Boris’s bold statements, Brexit is a long way from being done, but that aside, being defeated in the fight to stay in the E.U, in no way removes our right and responsibility to highlight what this Tory government is doing.

Too many people are happy to bury their heads in the sand and just trust to hope that people who have been shown to be deceitful will suddenly decide to keep their promises, and do what’s best for the country.

Even with a small majority, the Conservatives have wreaked havoc on the U.K and especially its most vulnerable people, with an unassailable majority, things are unlikely to change for the better.

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