I Assassin – Why Iran needs to out manoeuvre, not out gun the Donald.

I always get my first news of the day from my bedside Echo Dot, so it was with a slowly waking brain that I heard the news that ‘The Donald’ had assassinated Iranian military leader Soleimani. Last time I looked, assassinations were considered state sponsored murder.

Has America really fallen so far that it must resort to this kind of behaviour? Soleimani was undoubtedly responsible for a great many deaths and much misery. However he was also of great help in fighting ISIS, for better or for worse. As with the Taliban during the 80’s, the USA has form when it comes to allying itself with groups and people that it later has to fight, or indeed become an enemy of the US.

My hope is that Iran takes the high ground and decides to take advantage of the fact that Donald Trump took this action without the backing of the rest of the American government and react with dignity. Of course we have seen the angry mobs on TV but the Iranian government could win a lot if support by reacting with caution.

The world does not need a war in the middle east and Trumps reckless action has risked such a war. We know that Trumps real intent is to ensure American influence in an oil rich part of the world but that kind of thinking is of the past as I hope will be the reliance on oil and oil producers in the not to distant future.

NOTE: since I started writing this post, Iran launched a very small scale retaliation and The Donald is talking in terms of ‘de-escalation, so hopefully Iran have decided to not take Trumps bait, however as I write, Sky news are reporting that the Ukrainian Airlines plane that crashed this week may have been shot down by an Iranian anti aircraft missile. Even if accidental, this could be another dangerous moment for all of us.