Post Brexit Britain – Why Boris cannot heal the rift between leavers and remainers

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It’s fair to say that I have been avoiding the news a little more than normal since the election.  Watching the opposition unnecessarily hand victory to a lame duck prime minister, transforming him into an unstoppably powerful twerp has been almost too much to bear. 

Now Brexit day is almost upon us and we are being dragged out of the EU by a decision of only 38% of the voting population and by a government handed an unassailable majority by our outdated voting system, with only 28% of the vote in the election, yes, that’s democracy at work!   

As if this indignity were not enough, we had to watch the gormless oddities of the Brexit party, embarrass us further by making a rather childish ‘victory’ speech whilst waving tiny plastic Union Jack (which were upside down by the way) as they left the EU parliament chamber.  The EU parliament by contrast were dignified and wished us well, telling us that they would keep a place for us if we wanted to come back (I assume that didn’t include the ridiculous Brexit Party Ltd employees). 

I have seen several interviews with Boris recently, where he keeps trying to push a kind of ‘happy clappy’ message of “let’s all get together, and get on with Brexit, and heal the divisions in our country and our families”.   In fact he plans to make one of these speeches on the evening that we leave. Admirable sentiment but as unrealistic as all of his pre-brexit promises. 

The simple fact is that Remainers will never forgive him and his Brexit loving buddies for the misinformation that was peddled either by them or by the right wing press.  They will never forget that family members and friends went along with the nonsense that was easily discredited with only the slightest effort, and in doing so, voted to make Britain an isolated and inward-looking little island nation. 

They will also not forget the abuse suffered by many at the hands of ‘victorious’ leavers which accused remainers of being ‘traitors’.  They will not forgive the abuse of friends born in mainland European at the hand of racists, using them as an excuse for their own failings in life. 

Boris has the problem that he was part of the whole Brexit mess, so he has no credibility when it comes to healing the country.  Those that wanted to remain see no sunny uplands, and other than the same staid old platitudes, we are yet to hear any specific benefit that individual British citizens will get from Brexit, whereas remainers can give a large list of benefits that we will lose on Brexit day which of course is not the 31st of January, that is transition day, the beginning of negotiations to try and get back a small portion of the many benefits that we already had. 

The future of the UK will without doubt be back in the EU, the young generation in survey after survey say that they wanted to remain and as they gain more power and influence (as my generation and the baby boomers with all their rose tinted memories of what they think Britain was, die off), they will take us back in.  The country cannot be healed, those that wanted Brexit will just die off and the younger generations will have to repair the damage caused over the next few years.

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