As we remember those who gave their lives for the freedom of Europe. Why are we embracing division.


I find it incredibly sad that as we remember the end of the war in Europe, we are witnessing the kind of disunity that lead to war in the first place.

As the world wages war on COVID:19, in the UK, our Prime Minister insists that Britain’s future remains outside of the EU.  Using the pandemic as an excuse, Hungary has now become a de facto dictatorship and we see the increasing popularity of right wing political and populist groups.

We will always remember those that fought and often gave their all for our freedom but we also seem to have forgotten how we ended up at war.  A populist right wing politician, rising to power by promising to strengthen a nations power, claiming racial superiority and blaming minority groups for holding the nation back.  Unity in Europe has kept peace for 75 years after a long period of almost constant war somewhere on the continent of Europe.

During the BREXIT campaign, we were told that Britain needed to be independent, that somehow, we were in conflict or competition with our EU allies, this kind of talk is to betray the enduring peace that so many Nations fought side by side to achieve.

Embed from Getty Images

The flag waving triumphalism seen this week would be fine were it not for the fact that many people seem to think that the UK won the war alone and conveniently forget that the nations that they now blame for our own shortcomings, sacrificed thousands of lives to help us defeat the kind of philosophy that is now on the rise.

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