Why is the west blaming China for creating COVID:19?

illuminated city skyline at night
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Over the last couple of weeks, it seems that politicians such as Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have decided that their best hope of avoiding being held responsible for the poor handling of the global pandemic, is to try and blame China for causing the outbreak.

It seems certain that the virus originated in China, however to suggest that this was a deliberate release of a deadly disease is to suggest a malicious intent for which there is no evidence and is frankly in the realms of fantasy.  It requires the Chinese government to think that its population can be sacrificed in order to cover the deliberate release of a virus intended to kill large numbers of citizens of other nations.

In what way would China, the factory of the world, benefit by the mass killing of it’s customers for the thousands of different types of products that it manufactures and exports to the rest of the world?  Why would a nation who’s citizens live, work and educate in so many countries around the globe want to inflict such suffering on the  innocent citizens of those countries?

Trump claims to have seen evidence that the virus was created and released from a laboratory in Wuhan, yet his own secret service say that this evidence does not exist!

What seems clear is that China needs to end the practice of these so called ‘wet markets’ where people and a wide range of live animals live in close proximity and which seems to have been the cause of a virus jumping species (and not for the first time) and China’s system of government allows them to make changes like the banning of such markets, quickly and effectively.

Western governments need to work with China to ensure that these outbreaks are not repeated, but alienating the people and government of China through playing a blame game is pointless and unnecessary and achieves nothing, however the poor quality politicians that western democracy has produced over recent years care only about themselves.

It is not China’s fault that Trump was in denial about COVID:19, even calling it a hoax, nor can China be blamed for Johnsons indecisive and ill advised decision making about how to handle the crisis.  Unlike Boris Johnson, the Chinese government did not experiment with ‘Herd Immunity’ and risk the lives of thousands, they locked down, quickly and hard, and have been far more successful in fighting COVID:19 than either the USA or the UK.

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