Insanity Rules The UK

The COVID19 pandemic has cost thousands of lives and £billions. What are the UK governments priorities?

Apparently our clueless leaders have so far come up with two majors ideas to help the poor British….

1. We should spend £millions on a new Royal Yacht Brittania, to provide the queen with a splendid new way to travel the world as she ‘sells Britain’ and all the things Brexit Britain has to offer. Jacob Reece-Mogg apparently believes that this will make the little people of Britain very happy and we will undoubtedly line the docks in our thousands to cheer our betters on as they sail off in splendid luxury.

2. Boris now wants to emulate his Bezzie mate , The Donald, by having the RAF jet that is used for official trips, re-painted. At the staggering cost of £900,000, he wants ‘Boris Force One’ painted in the Union Jack flag!

As the country struggles to keep its economy afloat, as people head to food banks in their thousands, can there be a more offensive and irresponsible plan than (to use the PM’s words) “spaff” millions of pounds in hopeless vanity projects?

On the plus side, Boris’s plane will be a lot easier for terrorists to spot so at least someone will see an upside to all this.

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