The EV Mileage Test for ICE drivers

When I talk about EV’s I still get a lot of push back over range and charging infrastructure. It occurred to me that one way that potential EV buyers could establish if an EV would work for them would be:

1. Choose which EV you think you would purchase / lease etc.

2. Look at its predicted range on a website like EV database to get a realistic range forecasts

3. Spend a month or so treating your ICE car as if it was that EV. E.g. using your odometer, behave as if you had the EV range, looking for charging infrastructure as if you needed it (check it’s working at these locations too!) and based on the cars specs, take the same time that a recharge would at the chargers location. Also be aware that you would start each day with a full battery from your imaginary home charger!

I think most drivers would quickly realise that for a small habit change, they could have a better driving and ownership experience and that their fears about EV’s are unfounded.

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