It’s not always easy to get your recovery sleep in as the snores and other assorted low frequency noises rumble around the ward like thunder on the African savanna! I

t can be a little bit like those BBC wildlife documentarys about Africa in the dark, complete with little animal howls of men pain! The observations tablets computer screens provide an authentic blue light like a bright African full moon.

….and my first podcast is down!

Well you live and learn. I really liked the feature that Spotify added to their Anchor.fm podcast service of including songs from your Spotify library, it sounded such a great idea.

In reality though there are issues. One of our daughters lives in New Zealand and the second song that I included can’t be played (regional licensing I’m guessing) and anyone listening on the free version just gets 30 seconds of the songs.

The feedback from those I’ve asked is to ditch the music element and stick to the traditional podcast style, so a new pilot episode is on the way.

Stu x