It’s not always easy to get your recovery sleep in as the snores and other assorted low frequency noises rumble around the ward like thunder on the African savanna! I

t can be a little bit like those BBC wildlife documentarys about Africa in the dark, complete with little animal howls of men pain! The observations tablets computer screens provide an authentic blue light like a bright African full moon.

Isn’t it time for a little unity?

Mourning the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Photo by Craige McGonigle on Pexels.com

It’s fascinating reading what is going on on Facebook regarding people falling out because someone isn’t crying themselves to sleep over the death of the Queen. Even threatening to ‘unfriend’ someone on Facebook, ooh err! It’s not like Facebook is real life and if friends can’t disagree they are not friends.

A former colleague and I used to disagree about Brexit but because we are adults we used to enjoy the discussions and could have them without anger.

Regarding the issue of the Queen, I think that there is another explanation for the mass outpouring of grief beyond mass hysteria, media brainwashing and all of the other reasons being given.

Life in the UK has been unremittingly awful since 2016, seeing families and friends divided whilst scum like Nigel Farage revelled in the division, and Jacob Reece Mogg told us to celebrate because we can have more powerful vacuum cleaners and go back to using groats.  

I think the death of the Queen has been an opportunity for many to actually enjoy a long lost feeling of unity as a nation. So much time and effort was put into the politics of divide and conquer that we have forgotten how strong the British are when we put aside ethnic, religious and political differences, and unity has been in short supply as we watched the elderly and sick wiped out while Downing Street partied.

So why don’t we let those who are embracing the moment just enjoy some national unity rather than spoil it with arguments about the past.

There is a lot to criticise the institution of the royal family about and don’t get me started on how awful the British Empire was but they are arguments for another day.