OK, apparently its normal to have some kind of bio, so here we go.  I was born in 2018-01-07_17-00-18_891Leicester in the swinging 60’s, and have some patchy but vivid memories from my early years but I’m going to cover that in a blog entry.  I married the girl of my dreams at the rather young age of 22 and we now have three grown up kids, all of who we are immensely and probably annoyingly proud of.

I’ve spent the last 26 years mainly working in engineering sales which is most likely where my sense of humour comes from. After working in both the Factory Automation industry and the security technology industry I have a pathological hatred of bullshitters and I’ve had the misfortune to work with a few however I have also been privileged to work with many amazing and highly professional people too; who I’m pleased to say were in the majority.

Life is just too short to be taken too seriously, and now I’m in my mid 50’s I have become a firm believer that real life is usually far more bizarre than fiction and although a great fan of SciFi and Action movies and books, I prefer to write about and comment on the strangeness of the real world.

Currently working in the Industrial Networking industry; I get a real sense

of satisfaction when I am able to help colleagues through tough times and have absolutely no time for overly complex ‘management by spreadsheet’ schemes which experience has proven to me that they are often used by incompetent managers who lack the skills to get out with their sales teams and sell alongside and mentor them.

Likes: Marvel movies, Firefly, The Apprentice and a good curry.

Dislikes: Ignorance, selfishness, rudeness, self serving politicians, aggressive driving and scroungers.


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