I am a Leicester lad by birth but have been fortunate enough to live in North Yorkshire and Dijon, France too. I am married with three adult children.

Career wise, I’ve spent the last 26 years working in automation engineering sales and marketing with a 17 year break, working in the Security industry as a CCTV and Access Control specialist. I have also carried out extensive freelance consultancy work in marketing and engineering roles.

I like to think that the wide range of work that I have done makes me a versatile person and I make a point of working in a co-operative style in anything that I do and readily give credit where it is due to others.

I am definitely a technology fanboy and I am excited by the new technologies that are appearing and that can have a genuinely positive impact on our future lives, from Electric Cars and Automated Transportation, Clean Energy technology and Remote Working technology, that is even changing how, where and when we can work.

All of these developments can and will change the lives of millions around the globe for the better, we just need to force the worlds politicians to turn their backs on their old Fossil Fuel paymasters and embrace what is best for the many not just the privileged few.


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