“So, before you begin the writing, be sure you know the purpose or mission or objective of every piece of content that you write. What are you trying to achieve? What information, exactly, are you trying to communicate? And why should your audience care?” – Ann Handley

Have you ever visited a website for a technical product or maybe read a brochure and were left feeling confused?

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I’m sure that you have read copy that bombarded you with technical specifications that offered no apparent benefits from using the product or service. You probably lost interest pretty quickly regardless of the potential benefits that the product may have offered.

The role of effective technical copywriting is to take a potentially complex concept and explain it in a clear, interesting and engaging way whilst not dumming it down.

With over 35 years sales and marketing experience I am able to present highly technical subjects in a clear and concise manner.

I can help untangle the benefits of your product or service from amongst the technical features and present copy that will capture your readers interest and keep them reading right through to your ‘Call To Action’.

If you would like to discuss your copywriting needs please get in touch and I would be happy to help.