Clan Hannay

crestsmallThis part of my website is dedicated to the ‘Clan Hannay’. The ‘Hannay’ family members seem to have an unending fascination with it’s history, possibly due to the fact that the clan has become so widely spread around the globe!

Interest in the name and history is not limited to the UK and USA. The links below are to the other pages on this site which contain information on my direct family history and I hope provide interesting information that makes up the big ‘Jigsaw’ that is ‘The Clan Hannay’.  Finally I would like to thank Dick Cloutier of the Clan Hannay society for his support with links from the main Clan site, and his permission to use the Clan Hannay Crest and Coat of Arms graphics.

Sorbie Tower


The Hannahs of Huddersfield

The Hannahs in Jamaica