As we remember those who gave their lives for the freedom of Europe. Why are we embracing division.


I find it incredibly sad that as we remember the end of the war in Europe, we are witnessing the kind of disunity that lead to war in the first place.

As the world wages war on COVID:19, in the UK, our Prime Minister insists that Britain’s future remains outside of the EU.  Using the pandemic as an excuse, Hungary has now become a de facto dictatorship and we see the increasing popularity of right wing political and populist groups.

We will always remember those that fought and often gave their all for our freedom but we also seem to have forgotten how we ended up at war.  A populist right wing politician, rising to power by promising to strengthen a nations power, claiming racial superiority and blaming minority groups for holding the nation back.  Unity in Europe has kept peace for 75 years after a long period of almost constant war somewhere on the continent of Europe.

During the BREXIT campaign, we were told that Britain needed to be independent, that somehow, we were in conflict or competition with our EU allies, this kind of talk is to betray the enduring peace that so many Nations fought side by side to achieve.

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The flag waving triumphalism seen this week would be fine were it not for the fact that many people seem to think that the UK won the war alone and conveniently forget that the nations that they now blame for our own shortcomings, sacrificed thousands of lives to help us defeat the kind of philosophy that is now on the rise.

NHS Breast Screening continues during the COVID-19 Outbreak but with no PPE, its staff are at high risk #COVID-19

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Hmmm Stu

While the country is being told to ‘social Distance’ and hundreds of people are dying each day around the world, my wife and her fellow Mammographers are still being made to screen hundreds of women each, every week.

While Tesco protects its staff by making shoppers stand behind taped lines, Each Mammographer is working inches from the face of 25 women, every day with NO PPE!

It’s a disgrace and surely a breach of ‘duty of care’ to NHS staff and their families AND the women being screened? In a weekend where Italy lost 700 in a day, how can it be right that screening is still not cancelled or if it must continue because of its diagnotic value, then at the very least it should be halted until PPE is available.


20200320_090714601_iOSThe government today announced that the country is suffering from a major shortage. The chief scientific officer has confirmed that after careful analysis, he can announce that it is getting increasingly difficult to find any common sense. This shortage is leading to unnecessary panic buying, leaving the elderly unable to buy basic food and supplies because large numbers of ill informed and ignorant people have decided that they need 40 toilet rolls, 8 bags of pasta and a freezer full of meat in order to survive a possible 14 days of isolation.

Many people say that they read on Facebook that most toilet paper comes from China so it will run out and that is why they bought so much. If you rely on Facebook for your news and information you are of course an utter idiot!

There is No shortage of food and supplies except for the one caused by selfish imbeciles. Even in China at the peak of its crisis, you could get food and toilet paper. In Italy, the shops are open. Not bloody TopShop, but food and supplies are readily available, so stop being so selfish.

It is a sign of our collective ignorance that until forced to close, many pubs were still full of stupid people who just do not grasp that being jolly old Brit’s will not mean that we will not suffer the catastrophic devastation that Italy is suffering.

The saddest example of suffering caused by the utter selfishness of panic buyers was the story of a little old man in our village. He cannot travel far, so relies on our local supermarket. On one of his daily trips he arrived to find that all the toilet paper had gone and he had only one roll left at home. The staff could see how upset and stressed he was. He had no one to shop for him and no means to travel around shop after shop to find loo paper. The staff gave him one from their supplies to help him.

These same kind people are having to put up with idiots accusing them of stock piling toilet paper for themselves and the delivery driver found himself surrounded by a intimidating crowd as he tried to offload a cage of toilet paper.

Is this all it takes to reduce us to a selfish, angry mob? No sign of that Blitz spirit as far as I can see.

The comfort that I take is in those little acts of kindness like the supermarket story and the people offering help to those old people trapped in their house. They show that not everyone is the same as the mobs that have swept through the shops like locusts.