Notes From a Care Home Pt.3

Night of the living deaf.

I need to start this post with an apology as it has been months since my last one.  If you read part 2, you may remember that I had become convinced that Mum in Law was trying to do me in with COVID19 and she finally succeeded.  It’s taken me this long to recover to the point where I can write again!

Fortunately by the time she got me I had been double jabbed, but it was touch and go as she and my wife had been jabbed months before and this seemed to have the effect of making H’ even less careful about not bringing the ‘rona’ into the house as she presumably felt untouchable with two doses in her arm.

This is the odd thing about the whole vaccine roll out. Team Johnson decided to vaccinate the part of the UK population that are least economically active and most able to isolate, whilst confining the productive part of the population under house arrest and in the process nearly collapsing the economy!

A less charitable person might think that this was simply a tactic to keep Boris’s voter base alive!

I remember clearly that when I took my wife and Mum in law to the Harrogate vaccination centre, I could not believe what I was seeing.  I hadn’t seen such a mass of shuffling and stooped figures moving together since I last saw Caesar Romero’s zombie movie ‘Night of the living dead’ although ‘Night of the living deaf’ was more appropriate.  The vaccination centre was in a converted exhibition hall at the Yorkshire Showground and looked like it was hosting ‘MobilityEx 2020’ there were so many Zimmer frames and scooters there.

As I watched with envy at all of the oldies trouping in (what I call ‘The Wizends’), I started to notice that although there was a steady stream of Wizends going in, there was only a trickle coming out, and I started to become concerned that a large number were leaving by the rear exit, feet first. 

Old people go in, but they don’t come out again!

My other slight peeve about all this was that Wizends like H’ were banging on about how they got through the war and this pandemic is nothing, all the youngsters are making such a fuss because they are snowflakes etc. However, they do not like having it pointed out to them that eating spam & sawdust sandwiches in a bomb shelter did not in anyway give them a tactical advantage against COVID19 but this all fell on deaf ears of course.

“You don’t need to worry about getting COVID19, you’re a Wizend Harry”

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