The ‘T’ Word – Part 3

For my tumours and I, this is our first official Christmas together and it would appear that Marty my Meningioma and Gary, my Glioma decided that they should celebrate this by giving me some gifts to go with the ones that they first gave me and led to their discovery in the first place. 

The T Word – Part 2

My wife asked “what if it is a high-grade Glioma”?  The consultant paused for a moment and replied “Then we are talking prognosis and timescales”, that was quite a sobering moment, and as I write I have yet to have the confirmation that the Glioma is behaving.

Planning meltdowns (and how Rocketbook cured them for me).

There are however a significant number of people (as I have recently discovered) who, like me, suffer from a kind of ‘Organisational Nirvana Hunt’ bouncing from planner to planner, system to system. We sometimes end up in a state of ‘Paralysis by Analysis’, having organised ourselves to a standstill and finding ourselves staring at a plan that isn’t talking to us, we sit head in hands cradling a stress headache, unable to do anything.

Notes from a Care Home

It has been an eventful few months, including H having a car crash that happened without even leaving the driveway and two attempts to assassinate me with COVID19!