Putting My Stoicism to the Test

This last month has been quite tough. Lots of preparation for the Christmas holiday combined with preparation for my 2nd operation. So far though, we have managed well, with an increase in our level of exercising and fitness, and keeping a positive mental attitude.

The last few days though have been damn hard. I woke up on Wednesday feeling slightly sniffly and by the evening I knew that I had a full cold developing. Just what I don’t need immediately before major surgery.

If I am not fully recovered by Monday, it seems unlikely that they will risk putting me under a general anaesthetic on Tuesday. This has really hit my positivity but I need to keep focussed on a positive outcome for the operation, not easy when you feel awful.

I suppose the way that I have to look at this is that worst case, I get a normal Christmas with my head intact, and best case I get my operation and move forward as planned.

I really want Gary the Glioma gone and move forward with life but if fate has decided that it is not to be then I will throw myself into full Christmas mode.

Stu x

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